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Someone named Robert added my email to his telus account.

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I am from Sweden and never heard of telus before in my life. Just got an email requesting to validate that somone named Robert had put in my email to his account. In the email it said if this is not you contact support and when i  try to contact support it says my swedish number in invalid to get in touch with you. So i am now here in the forum asking for help to remove my email to this Roberts account whom i have no idea who it is.

I work with scam hunting and i suspect this is someone messing with me



Community Power User
Community Power User

It's also possible that this Robert person has a similar email address to yours and mis-typed his when he signed up for an account.  If you don't validate it, that shouldn't be an issue. It just means Robert has to make the effort to talk to tech support / Telus in order to remove the address from his account before he can register the correct email address. 

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Robert also made an account with my email, i do not work with scam hunting so i guess its just random...?

I just got the same email, it seems you guys have a serious problem.

I received the same email, seems like you guys have a serious issue going on

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! Just wanted to quickly pop in and say that we're investigating this email situation as we speak. We'll provide an update when we get it!

Thank you kindly


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