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Do not knock list

Friendly Neighbour
How can I get on the do not knock list to stop door to door sale people that are really rude?

Just Moved In

I have the same question.  Even after being told no they are super persistent and seem to come by every other month.


Same here, I keep telling them no thank you, they keep coming. Some are ok and leave, but some have been rude and kept pushing, I have reached out to customer service about the rude encounters, they just say oh it's a thrid party company, well they represent your company with the name on their shirt, but it's not their problem.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Volvo2500 if you're a TELUS customer, you can reach out to us over on our Twitter account or at our Facebook page so we can verify the account and get your info (address, etc.) to forward it off to our door to door team. Thanks!

Friendly Neighbour
I'm not a Telus customer, that is why Telus is sending the people out on foot, going door to door harassing people to convert their services, are you saying you can not help stop the door to door Telus clowns if I'm not a Telus customer?