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Slim Door bell camera stopped working

Just Moved In

Started flashing orange out of nowhere - wifi was fine for all other devices. Did a power cycle on the doorbell and wifi reset on my network, no change.. still flashing. Removed the camera from my mobile app (which I guess removed it from my account?) and it reset itself somehow and back to blue ( selected colour ) - however, it cannot be added back to my listed devices without a reset via access point mode (or so I understand it). The instructions say to hold the button down until flashing red/green, and connect to the AP for the doorbell from the app. This never happens (upwards of 40 seconds holding the button).  Any advice? 



Hi Seb774, though I don't have the slim door bell, that does seem peculiar. Did you already check the site for various light indicators and what they mean? Assuming the firmware is updated to the latest version (firmware version 3062), might be best to call them at 1-855-255-8828