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Notification Filters


I’m having problems with Notification filters in a recording rule for the doorbell camera. I want to filter notifications based on time of day, but I can seem to get this to work. (Similarly I have also tried filtering based on geofencing). Has anyone else tried these notification filters? How can I resolve this? (I’ve contacted Support but I still can’t get this to work). Thank you in advance.



Hey there, can you make sure your SmartHome app is up to date? You can find instructions on how to set up personalized alerts here:   Can you let me know which step isn't working for you, and what error message you're getting (if any)?

Thank you for your reply. I’ve made sure the SmartHome app is up to date. I’m not getting any errors. The problem is I was getting notifications at all times, when the filters should have been suppressing them (based on time of day, or when I was home/away based on geo-fence). The recording rule is active now and I will see if it works the way I want. As soon as I see some results I’ll update this thread. Thanks.

Hi, I’m afraid I’m still having problems with this. This morning it is windy, and as a result I am getting motion detection notifications just a few minutes apart. But I shouldn’t be getting these, because I have these settings enabled:

  1. Do not send notifications that occur within [30 minutes] of the last notification
  2. Do not send notifications when any of the following Geo-Devices [iPhone] are inside the selected Geo-Fence [Home]

What else can I try? Thanks


Note: This is for the doorbell [ADC-VDB105]. I have a video camera too [ADC-V723] and the notification filters are working fine with that, it is just the doorbell that is not working properly.

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Hey there, I'll be sending you a private message shortly and will connect you directly with someone from our team that can take a deeper look into this with you. 


EDIT: Your private messaging option is turned off, I invite you to send a message to our social media team through our official Facebook or Twitter and include a link to this thread so that we can assist you further. Alternatively you can contact the SmartHome Security team directly at 1-855-255-8828 so that they can take another look at this. Thank you!