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My ADT alarm migration not eligible


I had an alarms account which was taken over by Telus and then registered in MyTelus. I have been paying ADT Telus for 18 months but could not determine who was monitoring and/or accessing my account. For a brief time this spring I had access to billing through a very unfriendly website. I can no longer log in, have update password functions work or be certain I am logging in at the right place (have tried them all). I would like to migrate this to Mytelus. Is this possible? I have tried following instructions online about migrating-smarthome-security-credentials-to-my-telus but received an error message saying my account was not eligible. How to streamline this? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. This may be a case of a known issue we've seen with account migration. I'll send you a private message to discuss!