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I just had my hard wired ADT (Telus) security "updated" to the new Telus wireless system on September 25, 2023 . Three weeks later, I had to have a Telus tech come in to fix some issues and I find out that I now no longer have a garage door alarm sensor (they do not have such a thing), that I really did not need to go wireless and that my old hard wired system would have worked with a hardwire/wireless translator which Telus did not offer to me.


I am out $380 for all new wireless sensors for a less secure system. I feel as though I have been sold a bill of goods.


I need to make a complaint but I am not sure who best to call. The Chat bot is useless.


When I booked the tech, I was on hold for 2.5 hours. I do not want to do that again.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss further!