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Need support for a door sensor that is showing open ... when it's not.

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It's been about three weeks since we had a really great local technician (Steve) from TELUS come and install our home security system.  All was good until four days ago when we noticed that we had a bypassed sensor.  It says the door is open... but it isn't.  I have tried half a dozen times to get support over the phone.  Even had a promise of a call back that never happened.  The wait times are well over an hour.  I have used the escalation form on the website twice (there is a promise of a one day turnaround) and ... crickets.  I didn't believe there could be such a lack of customer service support. 


I saw another post that suggested re-seating the battery on the door sensor might do the trick.  Is this the recommended approach?  Thanks to anyone out there who can help.  


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Community Power User

I once had to remove and reseat the magnet on the door frame to get the sensor to work properly. It was not a difficult task. You may need a new bit of sticky stuff.


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Thanks for this. We have already tried this, with no change in the "open door" reading. i am going to have to head back to the telephone I guess, and see if I can get anyone at all. Appreciate you taking the time to reply.