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IMEI number not accepted on Home Security Panel


I'm a new-to-Telus Smart Home security customer.  I recently received my panel and sensors in the mail. 


Now, for the problem: I signed-in to the Smart Home app, chose "Self-Installation", and the app asked me for the IMEI number. 


I entered the IMEI number on the panel -- unfortunately, the IMEI number is not being accepted.  I've had 2 other people, in the room, verify and independently enter the number as printed on the panel.


The app says to call a phone number for assistance (1-855...).   I did -- but after ~15 minutes of waiting, it hung up on me.


Next, I signed in on a PC at,  but upon doing so, the website said, "

Your SmartHome Security services have not yet been set up.".


So ... without a working customer service number (given that it hung up on me), and without a valid IMEI for the panel,  and without the ability to sign in on PC ... are there any other steps I should try before I return the product and demand a refund?



Follow-up:  I entered the IMEI number (on my panel) into an online IMEI database, and it was able to successfully identify the make/model of panel based.  


So, I'm not entering it incorrectly -- it seems that the Telus Smart Home setup process is broken, either generally for everyone, or perhaps just for me.  (sigh)



Update --


After several hours, I was able to get through to an agent at Telus, who added by panel's IMEI number.


After a full day of setting up sensors, I'm finally ready to finish-off the installation ... and the system refuses to accept the setting of the emergency contacts on the account.  (See the "Unexpected error occurred".)  





Without this, the monitoring system can't be notified and I can't use the app.


Anyone else encounter this?


(I have to admit, this has been a day-long exercise in frustration...)