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I have not gotten my full refund. You owe me 1022.91

Just Moved In

First I would like to remind you, I am 70 yrs old and on a pension. You owe me 1022.91. You disconnected my vivint security system in May 2021. You have continued to take money out of my bank between august 2021 until May 2023.  The refund of you sent is a joke. I have the bank statement to prove it. 


I want the full refund. Just because you didn't disconnect the payment portion when you disconnected that system does not give you the right to continue to take payments. The other way around and you would sue me for theft. So I do hope you know that if this is not resolved soon, you'll be paying me what you owe, plus court costs.


I have been on the phone 4 different times, starting in May. Today, I have been on the phone from 12:30 to 6:00.  I have been given the run around every time. I have been sent from one person to the next until I end up in the USA, then give me your number to start all over again. They do not have my records because you purchased Vivint. And I get to start all over again.  It was 4 times I have been around that circle of holding and talking to a new person that sends me to someone else, ect...  My call has timed out when your office closes.  This is the third time that I have wasted a full day.
I work from home, so note that I am taking time out of my work schedule to call you.


I want my refund. I asked that you send me a check but instead you have put the money onto my bill.  I have a -$388.97 balance.  Send me the remainder and the credit portion of my bill to me in the form of a check or deposit it into the bank. I want what you took it from me.


They continued to take our money as well until I caught it 3 months later. They sent us a cheque for the full amount.


I wish you luck!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, we can definitely escalate this to our SmartHome Security team to look into for you. To do so, we'd need to verify your account to gather all the pertinent info and while we can't do that here on our community, we can do it if you reach out to us over on our Twitter or Facebook pages! Send us a message there and we'll verify your account to escalate this for you, thanks.