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Unjust Charges for Non-Existent Home Internet Service

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I am reaching out to express my concern and seek resolution for an issue regarding being charged for a home internet account I do not use, nor did I activate. Despite having an active account at my unit, I was unexpectedly charged $162.27 CAD by General Credit Services for a supposed second account.

I had previously confirmed with Telus customer service that I would not be charged for any service that wasn't activated. However, contrary to this assurance, I was still charged. When I contacted Telus customer service again, I was informed that the issue was out of their hands and that I should resolve it with General Credit Services. On the other hand, General Credit Services informed me that they are merely tasked with collecting payments.

To avoid negative implications on my credit score, I reluctantly paid the amount in question. However, this leaves me with two pressing concerns:

How can I obtain a refund for the charges incurred for a service I never used nor activated?
What measures can I take to ensure that I will not be unjustly charged in the future for services I do not use?

I have made several attempts to resolve this issue through the proper channels without success. I am now turning to this forum in hope of finding a resolution. Any assistance or guidance on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.