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Wireless Home Phone - Beware of Data Charges

Just Moved In

For all those considering switching to Wireless Home Phone, this is from my experiences switching my elderly mother over for the last year.  It is a great system in that it uses cellular technology (plugs an existing "regular" phone into a black box that uses the cellular network) so in the case of moving to another location there is no downtime as such when moving a traditional land line.  You just plug in the black box to an electrical outlet and away you go. The problem becomes with "data" usage.  It is actually physically impossible for the user to use data on this system since they do not have an actual "cell" phone.  However, nearly every month we get charged $3 for data usage.  I have called Telus about a half dozen times over the last year and they can never seem to resolve this.  They are always apologetic and refund the charge but it still keeps happening.  There is an option to turn data off in the online profile, and I have done that.  But the trick is it doesn't stay off.  Perhaps it is a data communication between Telus and the black box, but it is extremely annoying.  The last time I talked with Telus, the tech rep said he would permanently disable the ability to use data.  I'll keep my fingers crossed if that actually works.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Please do keep us updated as to if that works!