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How to cancel Telus home security due to faulty product

Just Moved In
How do I get out of a contract with Telus home security? I read there is a fee to cancel but ever since the day we had it installed we’ve had nothing but issues. Even if our wifi reset or any password change occurred we are charged $150 for a tech to come reset all the equipment. The doorbell has never worked properly and we miss tons of footage from people coming to our property that isn’t getting recorded. We have had about 5 technicians come and fix these cameras since troubleshooting from our end has never worked and they also installed cameras way too high up to reach without the proper equipment. I’m tired of the poor customer service and price gauging.

Hi @Anjcp I see where you are coming from. Have you been able to play around with the panel to change Wi-Fi settings? That would fix having to have a tech come to your house to do that for sure.


However, if you are still having issues I definitely want to help. I will be sending you a message here to get more details about your situation

The last tech installed a separate wifi box for us just for these cameras and when we changed our house wifi somehow it still disconnected the cameras on us and the Telus internet guy didn’t understand why that even happened and couldn’t troubleshoot anything for us. We still don’t have working cameras. I still want to cancel because this has been nothing but headaches and a waste of money. We have spent hundreds of extra dollars to get technicians out here just because of wifi. No one told me when I signed up that if there was even so much as a password change the whole system will stop working and I’d get charged to fix it. People should be able to change their own wifi passwords.

Give our SmartHome team a call at their direct number: 1-855-255-8828 and they can discuss that with you.