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Alarm went off and I received no phone call

Just Moved In
I was at work and looked at my phone noticing I received an email 2hrs ago that my alarm went off.
I quickly checked my cameras and saw everything was fine. (false alarm from the motion)
I'm very upset I didn't receive a call about the alarm from the response company. I called Telus to ask for an explanation and to verify I should have received a call. Agent on the phone did a test and confirmed i was not getting a phone call about the active alarm. He escalated it to a supervisor and the supervisor agreed its concerning so she'll have to investigate it further and give me a call in an hour
That was 4 hours ago and it's getting late so I don't expect a call tonight.
I'll be calling back again tomorrow to see if it's been fixed.
If my smoke detector went off and my house was on fire I wouldn't have received a call from the service I pay for, that's a big deal to me...

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey Teejay348, we're terribly sorry to hear about this. We definitely want to investigate this further and follow up with you, and I will be sending you a private message shortly. Thank you.