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After account migration to Telus I can no longer log in to


We have had a wired ADT alarm system for over 20 years & would like to keep it as is. The problem is that as of the porting of the billing(?) information to Telus a few days ago, I can no longer manage things like who to contact in case the alarm goes off or to change the PIC through the web.  I’ve spent hours on the phone with customer service (including a manager) to no avail.  


  • I can’t link my ADT by Telus account to My-Telus
  • I can’t view my Customer service agreements with Telus (I apparently don’t have any). 
  • I can’t manage my profile on My-Telus - I can’t modify/“add to” my recovery method (get an error message & am told to “Try Again”) - I’ve been told that’s because there is a limited number (2) of contacts. (would be nice if the website provided some more information about why there was an error). Problem is, according to the manager I spoke to, one is a landline which doesn’t get SMS and the other is a number I don’t recognize. I have found no way of updating these numbers or even finding out what they are.
  • I can’t complete log in to .  My account & password are good but I have no clue where the 2-factor authentication code is going, certainly not to my email or cell phone.  Is still active? If I try going to it directly, I get a browser message saying that the connection isn't secure - I've only been able to get to the site using, a link that I found somewhere on

It seems that I can’t do much of anything except to modify my billing method (maybe - I haven’t actually tried). I do not want to control my alarm system hardware through an app (& yes, I know my system CAN’T be controlled through an app).  I just want to be able to update who is on the call list if the alarm is triggered, the PIC (not the PIN that’s entered on the alarm keypad), etc.  - all administrative stuff related to the account but not to the hardware itself.


The solution that has been proposed to me is that we upgrade our alarm hardware to Telus wireless hardware to fix what is essentially a Telus  web/software problem. This strikes me as a rather extreme solution to not being able to log in.  Are people still able to log into after having their accounts migrated?


Any ideas would be much appreciated


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @fed_up sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with your system.  I'll have to reach out to investigate if some of the issues can be fixed.  
Pertaining to linking your ADT with your My Account I can confirm this function is not available.  For now, home security cannot be linked.
I'll reach out to you on a private message to get more details.  

Just checking in to see if there's any solution forthcoming as I have not had anyone from Telus/ADT reach out to me yet...