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Cant add or change or manage PIK TV channels

When I use MyTelus.com to add or change my channel lineup it errors and randomly deletes channels when adding others, it is unusable and the tech dept has the same issue......they have been working on this for 2 days since I brought it to their atten...

Pik update

I came here to look for suggestions on how to sort out my pik issues. I see that I am not alone with the many challenges this recent update has brought. I no longer have access to my crave app among other things. Fair to say the update was less than ...

TLM65 by Just Moved In
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PikTV AppleTV app completely unusable

This update is a disaster and Telus needs to give us all compensation. We should not be paying for this broken service. Guide crashes constantlyFrame drops and audio sync issues constantlyEmpty guide and inability to move through the guideConstantly ...

Fuzzz by Helpful Neighbour
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When can we expect a fix?

What's it been, about 3 weeks now since the update?This ap is a complete failure.Constantly have to restart because of expired tokens, HDCP errors, which was not an issue pre update, and other errors.When can we expect a fix?At the very least they co...

Qix by Organizer
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Resolved! Updated Pik box needs constant rebooting

I hope this Pik update gets better.All too often it loses the wifi signal, drops out of a program and up pops the message "Sorry an error occurred. Please try again." (This, despite the device telling me my wifi signal is "excellent")Sometimes it rec...

dfrancey by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! HGTV On Demand list is empty?

I tried removing and adding channels, but I pretty much can't see any On Demand shows anywhere. There was one episode of Walking Dead, nothing under HGTV. I'm subscribed to both those channels. Where is the content?

MonicaDot by Just Moved In
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What was the point of the update?

It certainly didn't add anything to my experience as a user.You took a perfectly adequate app and completely broke it.Pre update things were working fine, not great but it was usable.Now, I have to scroll through unsubscribed channels in the live gui...

Qix by Organizer
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Resolved! PikTV tv shows on demand

I’m trying to check out new shows on demand through PikTV. For example, Doom Patrol. I click on the show, and proceed to episode 1 of season 1. Once clicked on I see: You are not subscribed to this channelTo watch, visit Telus.com/myaccount to add to...

Kempai by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Ne Pik box

I Recieved the email my new box was being shipped, later on received an email that it had been delivered and to activate my new box. I have not received my ney box yet. What is going on?

chaveza by Just Moved In
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