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PikTV is now discontinued? must pay more to get Optik TV Evolution instead!

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I am on the phone with a Telus agent regarding my issue with customizing our PikTV service channels. Apparently, this happens as PikTV is now discontinued as the agent told me. They now want to replace my service with a new technology which they call Optik TV Evolution for extra per month. Our previous contract is still valid and I don't understand why I can not use the previous technology that Telus has sold me and need to pay extra for something that not only being pushed by them but also offering features (such as recording) that I barely may or may not use.


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Community Power User

Were you talking to Sales or Support? Sales' job is to upsell you on things.


It's actually just Optik TV (Telus TV+), not Optik TV Evolution. PIkTV aleady used an Android TV set top box and Optik/TelusTV+ has a newer one. The old PikTV hardware was retired as Google was not providing updates for it anymore. The new TelusTV+ set top box is the replacement. PikTV was basically merged with Optik. 


For an existing contract, there should be no change in cost unless you want to change the plan you're on. The "Core Channels" package for $25/mo is what PikTV was. The ability to record is an additional cost but it is OPTIONAL.

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I was talking to their support and getting help with customizing my package channels which I couldn’t do it myself online as the system was throwing me errors. I agree with what you are saying but the agent that I talked to was not sure if he can provide me with same bundle price that I had in my contract due to this system switch and that was strange to me too. He wanted me to talk to their loyalty department and they supposed to call me back but I am still waiting.