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purchasing on optik

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can you download your video purchases from the optik tv boxes to keep? or does a customer have to keep optik tv to access those purchases?



@ninawesley  After  45 days they are deleted and they are tied to the optik pvr. connected to telus internet

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you purchased titles, they should remain available under On Demand. You will find the information here:


The key point on that page is the last one:


  • When you "purchase" or “buy" On Demand titles, that content is not sold to you. Rather it is licensed to you as follows: Similar to the rights of physical DVDs or other digital content, On Demand titles are licensed to you subject to compliance with all applicable service terms and conditions. This gives you the right (i.e. license) to watch your titles for personal use as long as they are made available through the On Demand library or My Optik Collection (subject to provider licensing agreements)

It's similar to the purchase agreements for digital content for most major platforms out there. There are cases where purchased content may be, and has been removed. For example:


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