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Now What?

Guys, what now, I turn on piktv today and at the home screen there is no channel listing.
There's are 4 rows,
Android STB home billboard,
Resume,(which honestly comes and goes),

Where are the channels? Am I supposed to navigate away from the home screen and start digging into other menus for the current live channels?
Seems counter intuitive.
Get it together and fix this mess.

Just Moved In
Piktv has been entirely painful for the last month. With the launch of their new app, I also have Resume come and go, the channels that show are sometimes my subscribed channels, sometimes all of them. I did lose all of thrm for a moment but restarting my device helped. I have multiple episodes of the on demand shows in Resume even though I've watched them (more than once and on different devices even trying to clear them). I also cannot change my channel lineup in the My Trlus app - it keeps erroring (and has for multiple months now). Piktv was supposed to be a reasonable middle ground between complete cutting and full cable and it is pushing me away from live tv more and more.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Press the home button and relaunch the live tv

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Qix 


Have you tried the Live TV section in the top navigation? From here you can navigate to 'surf zones' (Major networks, Entertainment etc.) in the guide, or browse by content category (Sports, News etc.).


If this isn't showing up, I'd recommend rebooting your box (Settings > Device settings > Device preferences > About > Reboot).