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telus Optik Free Preview list hasn't updated. Can't find out the new free previews for August 2022


What are the free previews for August 2022? the Optik free Content page hasn't updated and the channel on the TV hasn't updated yet even after I restarted the box. The last update on the web page was for last year and January 2022.



Community Power User
Community Power User

Not sure how current the information is but Channel 5 on Optik TV is supposed to show you what's available.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Which page are you viewing, @tnako2000? This one is the most recent one available and will be updated as info is released to our team. 

I'm not sure if this is the page that the OP mentioned, but this one is definitely out of date: Free Content - Try a channel, risk free - Optik TV | TELUS


August seems like a pretty barren month for free previews across the board. I know that SHAW hasn't added any for August. I did find the following list for upcoming available free previews on another site but it remains to be seen if Telus adds them:


September 1 to September 30 - Adult Swim and History 

October 1 to October 31 - Showcase, HGTV and YTV

November 1 to November 30 - W Network and Food Network

So the Showcase free preview ( October 1 to October 31 ) and the W Network free preview ( November 1 to November 30 ) have been confirmed as National Free Previews which means that they will definitely be available on Telus.

Corus has now confirmed that the HGTV free preview ( October 1st to October 31st ) is a National free preview so it should definitely be available through Telus.

Don't know about Adult Swim ( I already subscribe to that channel ) but History ( channel 705 here in Vancouver ) is now coming through as a free preview.