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Watching Live Sports


I recently got the new Telus digital Bluetooth box and while I'm watching sports I have noticed it was behind "live". 

Is there a reason for this ?

Watching the hockey game and I get a text from someone who has the old telus box about a play and he is a solid 40sec-1min ahead. What exactly am I paying for if I am way behind like this ?

I have read about "update" coming in October but also these new boxes have been out for a while and this is still a problem ?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@HarpFrank I'm the furthest thing from a developer so I couldn't tell you the why but to your latter point - an update is being worked on that will hopefully address the delay. 

May I ask when this update is suppose to be released? Still having the same problems 



Anyone else experiencing their NHL feeds being 10+ seconds behind the actual play, and even other streams?

Trying to discuss the game in real time with friends and other fans has become impossible because every significant play is spoiled before I get to see it.


This was posted by someone else back in May... Having this exact issue

The update was released in October and the delay has been shortened from 40s-60s+ down to 10s+, this is the expected experience as feeds are not always simultaneous as mentioned by NFtoBC. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

Feeds are not simultaneous. I have experienced 30 seconds between 2 TV in the same household, and longer if using different services (eg. Optik vs PikTV).

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