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Too many TV issues to name - please help!

Just Moved In
We made the switch from Shaw to Telus after 20+ years and so far, we are just frustrated. If anyone can help with any of the following problems, we would be grateful.

1. Shows are all being recorded one to two minutes early. We don’t want any recordings from the previous show before the recorded show begins.

2. We want the tv to power on directly to the guide, not to the apps page.

3. Is there any way to have the remote light up every time it is pressed and not just with certain wrist motions?

4. Is there a way to delete a show right after watching it without having to leave the screen and scroll through three different pages to do so?

Thank you in advance.


I feel your pain, I made the switch after 18+ years. I wouldn't hold out any hope that any issues you list will be dealt with any time soon. After 6 months of posting issues with zero resolutions or improvements I have given up on new posts, what's the point! I've been banging my head against the wall for too long. I was naive thinking at least some improvements might happen...


The 'Forum' has just become a place to vent frustration for those paying $$$ for a platform that just doesn't deliver.


My advice, if your still within the free cancellation period, do it! I'm kicking myself I didn't. Just 536 days till my contract expires 😭

I concur, you'll be much better off if you cancel within your trial period.
If not, then there is ample opportunity to prove a very unsatisfactory experience and have your TV contract term nullified.
Eventually it will get to a point on this forums after logging issue after issue you won't even get responses from the moderators or rep's that are supposed to be helping the user base.
Save yourself the grief, frustration and money.

Hi @RobG3987 seems to be little doubt that you can prove the TV (TelusTV-21T) is completely unsatisfactory but unless you can cancel the Internet part too then your kind of screwed.


I have no issue with the mods on the forums, but the lack of a Telus employee who actually answers any posts or TV problems for more than a few hours once a week such as @Optik-Kate is ridiculous. 

Yes, the internet portion is the only shining star.
If the best that OPTV can offer at this time is streaming and VOD,, I could achieve that easily and MUCH cheaper with IPTV and VPN subscription utilizing the retained internet service.
Something I'm looking into now.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Snowmen49, please see feedback below!

1. This is the expected behaviour (unless shows are being cut short a couple of mins as well) 

2. We're working on changing the home screen experience as this is something that many users have requested

3. The remote does light up every time you press it, it may be more noticeable in the dark as the light is not very strong

4. Thanks for sharing this experience, I submitted this feedback to the development team for review

The 2 odd minutes is way too long.

New users think the wrong program was recorded.   There is also the danger of it becoming a spoiler for another show that was on the persons viewing schedule. 


15 seconds should be more than adequate if your central system clock is accurate.   And as many have provided feed back on: start and end times should be configurable - on a general and specific program level.