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Service Unavailable on Channel 804


On a periodic basis, we are receiving a "Service Unavailable" message on channel 804. See the picture below:


This happens at least once or twice a day for about 10-15 each time. Has anyone else experienced this?


Yesterday I had a frustrating call with Telus customer service via Live Chat that took up to 2 hours.


The first rep I spoke with said it's because we have two legacy theme packs. I felt going down this route very odd since whether the channel is available via a legacy or one of the latest packs it would still be the same feed. The rep insisted it would fix the issue. So we went back and forth with him trying to move me out of a legacy theme pack into a new one. Since I had two legacy theme packs I wanted both moved to a new pack in order to retain the channels I wanted. He failed at doing that.


I was eventually transferred to a second rep, in tech, because they could sort the theme packs. The tech said he has nothing to do with theme packs and couldn't do that. We did speak about what I initially wanted to log a ticket about, which was the constant loss of signal of channel 804. I wasn't getting anywhere with the 2nd rep so I just had to expedite the closure of the chat, I had lost the will to live at that stage.


It would be useful if I knew if others had experienced this issue.





Happened a couple times to me as well. Noticed that CNN was out at the same time, probably a signal issue from the satellite.