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OptikTV app iOS keeps crashing

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I have been trying to get my Optik TV app to work on my iPhone14 as well as my iPad, and it crashes every time. It gets past the opening screen, and I see a split-second of the programs menu, and it crashes. I have updated the app, as well I have uninstalled the app, and powered off my devices and re-started. I have most recent vers of iOS installed (16.6). 



Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you using the old OptikTV app or the new TelusTV+ app? Which version is the app you have installed? (Tap Settings and scroll down to App Information)

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Happening to me too. I have the TelusTV+ app. Tried deleting and reinstalling too.

@ALuomala are you still experiencing this issue on your TTV+ app? 

@Trihos Can you confirm the app version you have installed? (as Nighthawk provided above, Tap Settings and scroll down to App Information)

Does the app crash immediately upon opening, or after you log in?


This only started happening in the least two weeks.

That's helpful! Can you confirm if the app crashes immediately when you open the app before you have a chance to log in, or does it crash after you've logged in? Can you also provide a date/time to the best of your ability that this crash has occurred? Thanks

It happens after a period of time. Then I have to close tv and click on guide again.

Hi @Trihos , the crashing experience you're describing doesn't sound quite the same as the original post. If you'd like to report this issue and share your account info/IP address with an agent, we can investigate this case further. You can start a chat with the purple smiley box in the bottom right corner. It tends to have a shorter wait time than calling in! Thanks