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How to remove/reset WPS WiFi from Optik TV 4K Box


I cannot figure out how to do this - to make it forget the network.


I have a DVR and three Optik TV 4K boxes. One has never been connected to WiFi which is OK because it is ethernet. Another is on WiFi because I have no network port near it. A third I have a network port but it was previously connected to WiFi and I have an issue with this as follows...


A bad situation can occur when a power failure happens and the order of my network equipment starting up...


- The Optik 4K box does that not detect the LAN port is active upon power up, because the switch it was connected to was not fully booted up yet.

- Therefore the Optik 4K box connects to WiFi

- Switch finally boots up and since the Optik TV 4K Box is connected to LAN, it creates a switch loop causing a broadcast storm and takes out the entire LAN and all the Optit TV.


When you connect an OptikTV 4K box to WiFi, the LAN port on it creates a bridge - eg. you can connect a computer or something else to it and it will be connected to your LAN.


I spent 2 hours a couple weekends ago troubleshooting this.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @brians - Why not boot up the Ethernet switch first, or leave it on so the box never loses LAN connection?


- Eric

I will explain why again if it was not clear....

During a total power failure and restore, the OptikTV powers on before the switch does. The OptikTV Box therefore starts connecting to WiFi and sets up its network interface for bridging, causing a loop when the switch eventually comes back online.