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Google remote - Voice command issues

Friendly Neighbour

I'm having a number of issues with the voice commands on my Google remote. If I say "Sportsnet" it changes the channel to Sportsnet One (OK, that's at least close). If I say "TSN" it also changes the channel to Sportsnet One. If I say "Sportsnet West" it opens Youtube and shows me search results there.


In fact, in many cases, naming a channel opens YouTube instead. From what I've read I should be able to say the channel name and it will switch to it.


Any suggestions? Is anyone else seeing this?


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @JeffR , the search engine syntax works similar to a nest or home mini where a number of combinations can yield different results and the search result logic is also determined by Google. For most accurate channel switching command, you can use the following: 
“Channel + [Channel Number]”
Variations of “switch to [Channel Number]”
“Watch/Play [Channel Number]”
“Tune to [Channel Number]”
Using only [Channel Name] may yield inaccurate results


Friendly Neighbour

Thanks @Optik-Kate  - I'll try to stick to the channel number. Hopefully this is something Telus can address in a future update though. With so many channels, I'm not likely to remember all the numbers (whereas the name is fairly easy to remember). It's also strange that it's so inconsistent. "CNN" works fine, but "TSN" opens the Sportsnet Channel for some reason. So while I understand the explanation, I'm hoping it's something that can still be improved as it's not a great user experience in it's current state. 

Thanks @JeffR , I will pass the feedback on to our development team and see what we can do for future improvements.