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Dateline scheduled recording and on demand

I consistently have issues with getting NBC Dateline recorded properly as a series.
It was set to record on Dec 29 at 7pm on ch 260 for 2 hours
When I watch the recording, it started 2 hours late, and recorded the news for 1 hour and then the Tonight Show for 1 hour, which are immediately following Dateline listing in the guide.
The series no longer appears in the Scheduled listing as it seems to execute once then deletes.
A voice search results for Dateline returns only 2 season 1 & 7.
A typed search shows results 2 results (2017 & 1992). The 1992 result has season 24 has only 1 episode #7.
The 2017 result has season 1 & 7 with several episodes that are locked out due to "subscription option" locks ( available on 804 MSNBC)
Dateline is currently in Season 29 and NO current episodes are available On Demand.
Can someone fix the schedule and add the current seasons to OD?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @RobG3987 , thanks for flagging this. We've set up the recordings to try to replicate your experience. I'll let you know about our findings. We also have an update coming this month that's supposed to improve the series recording experience, I'm hoping this will be fixed with the update. Please stay tuned! 

Thanks @Optik-Kate.
How about the issue of no up-to-date On Demand episodes? In the interim it would be great to be able to catch up with OD,,, but they aren't current.

@Optik-Kate @A-B any response on whether or not I could expect some more up-to-date episodes to be made available On Demand??

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @RobG3987 


We do not have agreements to get On Demand content from US over-the-air channels (the major networks NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox), so it's unlikely that updated Dateline NBC episodes will be made available On Demand. Dateline does air on CityTV as well, but unfortunately they do not provide the show On Demand either. 

Another occurrence of the problem:
Jan 12, 2024 S32E23 set to record on channel 230 CityTv Toronto ( I switched from channel NBC 260 to CityTv to see if the channel selected makes a difference)
It was a 2 hr segment again, scheduled to start at 9 pm as per the guide and end at 11. And again it started recording at 11 PM and recorded the 2 ,1 hr segments immediately following Citynews and Jimmy Kimmel..
It appears that whenever there is a 2 hour episode, it screws up.
I've tried setting 2 scheduled recordings of Dateline on 260 at 7 pm and 230 at 9 pm, but it wouldn't set both as Scheduled.
I left 260 as a Series and 230 as a single event and we'll see next Friday what transpires.

@Optik-Kate what did your experiment result in when you set up the recordings?

Hi @RobG3987 , we just deployed a fix and we were able to record all the dateline episodes. I have my fingers crossed that you can try recording again with no issues. You'd need to set the recordings again though. 


That said, I do want to confirm what your guide looks like to investigate further on the Jan12 issue. Can you send a screenshot of your guide on the CityTV channel showing Dateline timeslots? 

Sounds good !!

i'm assuming your looking for a screenshot of the upcoming episodes and not the guide listing from Jan 12 ( it won't allow me to go back that far, only 1 day prior)

Actually, I can't figure out how to insert the images through this forum. Sorry.

Trying to submit the screen shot images via email.

I see the screenshot Rob! Thanks for this, we are looking into it now!

Fingers crossed too @Optik-Kate.
I cancelled and restarted the series recording on ch 260 every Friday.
I also set one time recordings on the 2 CityTV channels (232 & 233), just in case.

Hey @RobG3987 , we think we found the issue, there was a guide mismatch which is why there are issues when trying to record a 2-hour segment. We updated the guide, and now Dateline is showing up on channel 228 (at least on our end). Just in case, can you set up the recordings again? 

Yup, I already did...
"I cancelled and restarted the series recording on ch 260 every Friday.
I also set one time recordings on the 2 CityTV channels (232 & 233), just in case.."

@Optik-Kate assuming this is the same problem & fix for my "AGT series recording" post ???

Oh, I missed that post from Wednesday. Let me double check!

@RobG3987 are you recording Dateline okay now? 

Well, the one instance so far, has been successful. I'll give it another week and if all good then I'll mark it closed.
Thanks for the follow up @Optik-Kate.
Any news on the AGT thread?

Still looking into it, I will update when I hear back! 

Just decided to check up on the recording issue and noticed the Scheduled recordings I had set disappeared from the list again.
Thankfully there wasn't an airing of an episode tonight and I caught it in time and added it back again for Feb 2.
So why did the scheduled recording magically disappear,, again?