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TV hasn't worked properly since I move here 19 months ago!!

Friendly Neighbour
My TV down stair in my family room is hooked to a WiFi 4K box. My picture and audio freezes all the time! I have had technicians here many times and they manage to fix it fir a few weeks then it starts all over again! Every time I phone for technical support I get someone that doesn't even live in Canada! I have had this problem ever since I moved to Cranbrook 19 months ago!!! Now I find out I am not the only one in this neighborhood that is or has the same problem. It is almost like Telus doesn't care, as long as I keep paying my $202.00 a month bill ?????

Community Power User
Community Power User
Contact Telus and request a service call. Also write down times it happens if more infrequent.

And how do I contact Telus? I have phoned many times to have this problem solved. There have been numerous times a technician has come to my house and they say the problem is in the underground lines! When I call technical support ,I end up talking to someone that doesn't even live in Canada, and all they can do is run a few tests and the problem is resolved for a few days then comes back again. I have asked who ever I am talking to, if they can give me a number up here that I can call to get this problem solved an they say they don't have a number for that. I have a technician coming again on February 23rd but not getting my hopes up they can solve this problem!