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Recording scheduling PGA on CBS or NBC not workng

Friendly Neighbour

Anyone else having problems with series recording of PGA on NBC or CBS? All other series recording works fine including recording of PGA on golf channel. This just started a few weeks ago. I’ve cancelled and rescheduled the recording schedule several times using several of the options and tried rebooting the pvr box but still no luck. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @BakermanCoq , could you confirm if you are setting these schedules on your box or mobile phone? 

On the pvr. I hardly do much from the app.

On the pvr. I hardly do much on the app.

@BakermanCoq Thank you for raising this issue. The investigation team has provided the following workaround:


Recordings on channel 925 NBC Golf seem to work better than recording on channels 135 and 133 because 135/133 varies in recording dates and times based on the network needs whereas 925 is the dedicated broadcast channel.


The golf network only carries morning activity and the main networks carry the afternoon play on the weekend. You should be able to set a recording for the morning play on 925 and then the afternoon play on 135 or 133.


We would suggest going in and creating a setting for any day all day for the amount of recordings. You will have to set two recordings, one for Thursday and Friday, plus the weekend mornings on 925, and another for the weekend on 135 or 133 as those are different channels.


We will explore why the series is not working. We have some ideas and will confirm if we can resolve this with the broadcasters.

This used to work before on channels 135 and 133 and their schedules were anytime from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm depending on where the tournament was held. So this has nothing to do with the events starting at different times. Maybe they changed the parameters or settings for each broadcast event that determines your series scheduling settings.

The upshot is same show title, same channel, same time series recording for pga events on channels 133 and 135 does not work.

Hi @BakermanCoq , can you share an image of the program that is not working and share an image like the following picture to show your recording settings? We'll try to replicate the experience. 


Friendly Neighbour

I tried that - any day, any time, including reruns - and it still does not work. This is not a solution so I do not consider this problem resolved as indicated in your messages.