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My 70 year old Father's Optik account is compromised. I think this because there has been hundreds of dollars' worth of PPV and movie purchases since day one of him getting the new service. (May 2022) He is 70 years old, never rented a movie a day in his life with Shaw satellite service prior, but I talked him into upgrading when the service came into his area so he could have Interent with his iPad as well as TV. His bill is now over $3000.00. I called customer service in November to try and get to this bottom of this. I would have called sooner, however every time I logged into the Telus portal it showed 0 dollars, so i figured he was doing good keeping up on paying his bills. One day I didn't have my laptop so tried the app on my phone to my surprise and saw the big bill starting to mount. 

In November the customer support agent had to go to tech support to have a PIN put on his devices so that purchases could no longer be made without it. When I checked the email here in January, someone called in December 19th to tech support while I was out of the country. I called customer support to see  A). if the pin stopped the purchases, they couldn't tell me. I tried to look myself but its hard to tell on the bills but I think they have continued, B) I asked what the support call was on the 19th was all about and they couldn't tell me but asked if I wanted tech support to find out. I was like No, your hold time is a nightmare. In any event does Telus have like a fraud department or something? I am tired of bouncing around customer care. 


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