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Find a specific season or episode of a show

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I'm looking for a level of granularity that might not exist. I can record or watch a show, but I'm interested in finding a specific season. Can I search for seasons or episodes in Search? If not, can you suggest the best way to find a specific season or show? As it is, the PVR is recording every episode, then I have to filter through them to find which ones are from which season. The option of "Only New" won't work for me because I haven't watched all of the prior season's episodes, and in some cases I just missed an episode in a specific season. 

Specifically, Robot Chicken, Season 11, which is on Adult Swim.

Thanks for the tips!


Community Power User
Community Power User

The PVR currently doesn't display a lot of this information so that makes it hard. I have asked to have it added:


Include Season and Episode information for TV show... - TELUS Neighbourhood


If you use the Optik TV app it often has the season and episide information so that would help. Sadly there still is no way that I know of to just record a particular season of a show.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.