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Changing end time for recordings.


Just joined Telus, I have Optik TelusTV+. I'm trying to change the end time for recordings. Doesn't matter whether it is a single program recording or series, the are no options for doing this?


If I select the single program (in recordings) and press edit, the only option is for the channel. On a series recording I can select first run or repeats etc but no option for end times. Particularly annoying for sports as they often overrun.


Am I missing something?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I suspect you have the new Optik hardware/service as pictured here:


New Digital TV Box & Cloud PVR - Optik TV Hardware | TELUS


I imagine the feature has yet to be implemented as it's definitely available on the older hardware that I have.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


Yeah, thanks FuzzyLogic. I just did a long online chat and it's not yet available. Frankly that's ridiculous (TELUS) like selling you car, but you can only use first gear until they get an update. Should've been working before release. 

Series recordings are hit and miss too. Some work, some don't . Even though according to the guide a 'series recording' has been set, but doesn't show on my scheduled recordings. Beginning to regret this move to Telus...

Glad that Telus is not “updating” existing customers to the new equipment. When it first came out I was looking forward to getting it, now I will be holding on to the original boxes for as long as I can.

Hi @MrSL, a frequently mentioned workaround for extending recording includes recording the show that immediately follows the event. 


That said, we are rolling out a solution that auto extends recording by 90 mins for tennis and 60 mins for any other sport and it will be available within the next week or so. 

Hi @Optik-Kate Well at least that's something (for sports). I know about the workaround, that's obvious, but defeats the object of setting, in particular, series recordings. Made more annoying as the Telus remote has no 'button' to skip to the next day when viewing the guide. As for any other recordings I like to add an extra 3-5 minutes. Nothing more annoying than watching something and you miss the last minute...

Hi @MrSL I have a couple of good news. The auto post padding for sports (Tennis 90m, sports 60m) is out with the latest release. 


To skip to the next day, press "options" on your remote and it will bring up the ability to "jump to date". You can also filter your guide via subscribed or favourite channels. 

Hi @Optik-Kate I noticed the padding yesterday on my golf recording. That's a good start!

And lots of award shows & other live events overrun frequently as well. Even pre-recorded Tony award extended about 30s after 00 mark on eastern channels, let alone Oscars.


Hi @Optik-Kate What has happened to the recording 'padding' for sports? It was working for me but I noticed about a week ago that padding wasn't added to my recordings on Golf Channel.

This week I was recording the LPGA Dana Open (Golf). On Thurs, Fri & Sat on 'Golf Channel' - no padding was added. However on today's recording, the final day on CBS it has added the extra hour...


Also any update either time-frame or likely hood of users being able to add time (i.e. 1,3,5,30,60,120 mins) to 'any recordings'. This is a fundamental issue, I can't count the number of times I have missed the last 30 seconds or so of a recorded program. So annoying!

Hi @MrSL, the post padding for sports is available to all live streaming sport events that are running for the first time. If they are re-runs, the post padding is not automatically applied. Do you know if you were recording the first run live streaming event on the Golf Channel? Also, the post padding is for extra 60 mins currently, if the event runs more than an hour longer than the scheduled guide time, it won't record past 60 mins. 


The user's ability to manually extend is on the roadmap, but as always, I cannot provide a timeline. I can provide an update as we get closer to a release date. 

Hi @Optik-Kate Sorry I can't remember if it was a first run or repeat because the guide doesn't display "New or Repeat" 🙄. Manually setting recordings for all the golf I can find cause "Series Recording" doesn't work either and as a series recording is only for that channel, no use anyway as often a 'days play' would be on a different channel, i.e. CBS.

Well I hope the update comes soon, very frustrating missing the 'cliff-hanger' at the end of a program frequently.

Is there any roadmap to extending the '45 Days' that recordings are held too? I'm getting to the stage where recordings are being deleted because of this. The answer to look for this on demand doesn't fly either; often re-runs of old series which are not available on demand.

Touche about the "new vs. repeat" badge. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, that fix is on the roadmap. It's just this feature needs other optimizations to happen first to be able to correctly label new vs. repeat. If you're curious about how the improvement process works or why it takes so long, I wrote a long explanation for another post.


In terms of extending the storage duration, we're working on increasing it to 90.

@Optik-Kateglad you liked that 😉. I appreciate that improvements to any system is not a quick fix and the input the development team make is obviously critical. The Forum is a great resource, as are your timely responses.  My gripe is with Telus. It really shouldn't necessary for users (me) to spend so much time inquiring on basic operation. The 'nice to haves' such as ability to change the home screen is one thing and something development teams would be suited for.  They (Dev teams) should not have to deal with basic system fundamentals. The basic function of a guide and PVR (local or web) is to accurately view and record. A system that doesn't even display 'new or repeat', users ability to modify recording lengths or set a series recording across multiple channels, pitiful storage time should have been completed before release. This release is shameful (Telus). Personally, unless these core issues are rectified I will not be renewing my contract when the time comes.

Can you still check the time indicated on the recording then compare with google results?

No. Deleted...