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Cannot access PVR with new Telus box.

Just Moved In

"Recordings currently not supported on Optic TV+"
Well that is ridiculous. Only the old boxes access the PVR. 
This isn't going to work. I guess we have to continue with the old box, and return this redundant new one.

Leave it to Telus to go backwards instead of forward.



TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @TroyM, what kind of channel package are you on? If you are on the core or core + 1 package, cPVR can be added on for $10/ month. If you have any of the higher packages, cPVR is included. 


If you know you have cPVR, and it is not working, are the old boxes still active on your account? (4K & HD) The reason I'm asking is because the older boxes are on a different backend platform than the new digital box, mixing them and using them at the same time within the household will result in limitations to the cloud pvr that is on the new box.