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Auto Sleep New Android Box?


Is there a setting anywhere on the new Android TV box to have it automatically go to sleep at a certain time of the day?


I have a relative who often falls asleep with the TV on, and would like it to automatically shutoff around 10pm each night. The TV they use has an auto sleep feature which works well. However, the Android box stays on which causes problems the next day when they try to turn the TV on with the remote as the TV and Android box are both tied to the power button on the remote (so hitting power on the remote turns on the TV, but turns off the Android box as their power states are out of sync).


I know this is a weird request, but it was possible on our old TV provider. Any ideas if this is an option with the Andoid boxes?




Community Power User
Community Power User

This might do what you want:


Sleep TV Timer Pro - Apps on Google Play

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi, @newagepanda The TV and STB can become out of sync when using the remote to turn on the TV and STB. This is especially prevalent if the STB times out after 4 hours and shuts off automatically while the TV stays on. Once you hit the power button, it will turn on the box but shut off the TV, and vice versa. To get out of the desync mode, turn the TV on and press any button on the remote such as “home”, or “ok”, to wake up the STB without turning off the TV.


In terms of timer settings, if you go to settings from the home screen and click on your profile icon on the top right, you can go to device settings-> device preferences-> screensaver -> put device to sleep.


Currently, you can only set how many hours you'd like the STB to be on without any activity. 



I have the remote on bluetooth for the box and the TV remains IR.

Turn on the TV, if the box is now off put your hand over the IR at front of remote and press on. TV stays on and box turns on.