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Android Box Optik 4k Channels dont have proper surround sound anymore


The new android boxes are getting even more frustrating. On the old optik system most channels properly outputted dolby digital 5.1. On the new android boxes only the 4k channels outputted proper dolby digital 5.1


Now recently even they dont output proper 5.1 dolby digital sound. Despite being sent as surround sound, audio is now only coming from left and right speakers for 4k channels now as well, this was working fine a month ago. Why is telus continuing to take steps backward with the system...


Literally no channels can output proper dolby 5.1 sound on the android boxes now.


This is getting really frustrating.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. This is definitely not the experience we want our Optik customers to have. @Optik-Kate is this a known audio issue?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Thank you for the update.


Just a note I did post mine a few weeks ago and did not receive a response, I seen this one was just posted yesterday.


But now that I see an update thats good.


Just a note though as I mentioned in my thread for the devs, this was working properly only on 4k channels, up until the last month or so. Perhaps a bad update, but after that 4k channels like sportsnet also started defaulting to stereo only output (despite the audio signal coming from the box claiming its dolby digital 5.1). I dont know what the devs did but now its also broken on 4k channels like sportsnet which are defaulting to stereo only now to. This was working sometime in June and July on 4k channels though.