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Disappearing series recordings - Digital Box (2)


Hi @Optik-Kate  so my original posting is now locked - why?


Original Series Recording disappeared. Unable to set a new Series Recording for: CH313 "Bobby's Triple Threat", next airing CH313, Sept 08, 6pm S2:E2. Able to set as an individual recording.


If these individual notifications are no longer required please let me know so I don't keep wasting my time...




TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @MrSL , I'm not entirely sure, but I'm guessing threads lock after a certain amount of time.


As always, your notifications are appreciated, I will report it to the development team, but please do not feel obligated as you are taking time out of your day. Thanks again for all your reports. 

If they are still useful, then I will carry on 😉


Hi @dru 

Do you have any insight as to why my original thread is locked?

Community Manager
Community Manager

As part of community upkeep, posts 60 days or older are locked. I can see you commented a week ago I can re-open it for you but these new posts would be merged into it since it covers the same topic. Did you want to maintain status quo or go back to the original thread? Thanks!

Ah, okay. Good to know. Status Quo is just fine! 😆🤘

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WHEN    IF EVER    will the development team fix the bugs in the NEW & IMPROVED   Optik PVR box????????


Hi @Optik-Kate So another of my Series Scheduled recording has gone, again not the recordings but the 'schedule' to record itself.

Not sure is this is relevant, but guessing it might when I'm posting times... I'm in B.C., Pacific Daylight Savings Time, Telus region Kelowna, (Telus) region ID 52. Platform: Android TV STB, APP Version: 1.23.7500_release.

I had a series schedule for CH139: PBS, "Ask This Old House", New and Repeats, which was recording happily then disappeared about 3 weeks ago, but I didn't notice.

This viewed last night, 14th Sept, 19:30, CH139: PBS, Ask This Old House, S21:E11. I was unable to set another "Series Recording" but it let me set an individual recording. Next program air's 21st Sept, 19:30, CH139: PBS, S21:E12.

Hope this helps, but let me know if any of this info is superfluous, or you need more. 😉


Hi @Optik-Kate so another issue, different than the usual, but linked to Series Recordings so i'll post it here:


So I have a Series Recording set for a series called "Silent Witness" which air's on CH375: BBC First, has been on every Thursday starting @ 18:00. It's a series where the weekly programs are aired 60 minutes long, Part 1 at 18:00 immediately followed by Part 2 @ 17:00, set on New & Repeats.


Now, the Series Recording is still showing in my list, so not disappeared this time, but it's not recording both parts?


The guide shows it's next airing is upcoming on Sept 21, Ch139: BBC First, (Silent Witness) 18:00 - S23:E3 (titled) "Close To Home - Part 1" and following @ 19:00 - S23:E4 "Close To Home - Part 2". 


In my upcoming recordings for that Series it has scheduled on Sept 21, 19:00 S23:E4 "Close To Home - Part 2" as recording but bizarrely it's not recording the previous part @18:00 - S23:E3 (titled) "Close To Home - Part 1"? I have had to set a single recording for that missing episode.


I'm unable to see what it's going to do on the 28th Sept because the guide doesn't list that far in advance.


Hi @Optik-Kate another program that will not allow you to set a 'Series Recording'. Single recording Ok.


Ch375 - BBC First. Top Gear S32:E2.


Don't know if you ever read my posts? Neither would anyone else who reads this thread... An simple acknowledgement would be courteous 😏

Hi @MrSL , happy Monday! I do my best to catch up on neighbourhood posts when I have some time. I may be slow, but I will do my best to respond! 


I updated the ticket with the new info you provided, and regarding the issue where the box is picking and choosing which ep to record, I will log that as well! 


Thank you for flagging! 

Hi Optik-Kate, Happy Tuesday! Thanks. As long as they're looked at, at some point it's all good. The acknowledgement just confirms this. My psychic powers aren't always the best 😆