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Syncing of Recordings between Telus Digital Box, Phone, Tablet and Web


Why don't the recordings I set up on one device get reflected/synced on all the other devices logged into Telus TV+? Same with deleting recordings. Why do I have to delete the very same recorded episode separately on each device? Isn't there just a single database of the shows/series I select to record tied to my account?


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @oldmanjam , do you have the latest TELUS TV box or one of the older boxes? The devices should be in sync, although it may not be real-time, but exiting the app and refreshing the page should reflect any recent changes. 

I have the latest TELUS TV Digital Box. And I've tried reloading web pages and rebooting apps to no avail. It's like it's keeping 3 different versions of my Recordings - both Recorded and Scheduled.

Hi, if you have both the new and older boxes, there may be syncing issues among the boxes because they're on different platforms. I recommend calling in to ensure all your boxes are on the same platform. 

I maybe didn't communicate my situation properly. I only have 1 Telus TV Digital Box. But I also access Telus TV+ on my iPad, Apple TV and iPhone using the native apps for each of those devices/platforms. My Recordings list both Recorded and Scheduled are not consistent between the TV Digital Box and the apps. And not even consistent between the apps.

And please tell what phone number I would use to call in to resolve this syncing issue? It's almost impossible to find a phone number on the Telus website.

You can find all of our phone numbers on the Contact us page but the number is