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someone called me for a promotional deal from Telus with free iphone 13 pro for $45/month with unlimited call, 20gb data, then I asked for email confirmation, they sent me from [email protected], with subject: Promotion Deal

the guy's name Adam, he gave me call back number 888-410-2556, I'm also attaching the email body for your reference. Can someone from Telus confirm if this is a scam? I highly suspect it's a scam and likely a lot of people have been in the trap.





Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, it's a scam. is not owned by Telus.

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I was just called by "TELUS Communications" number was 1-866-558-2273 (which is a legitimate Telus number, I called the next day to do my due diligence) and was offered a similar plan for an IPhone 14 Pro for $55/month. 20GB of unlimited data, talk and text + 1000 international minutes. They asked for a credit card number and driver's license plus personal address type information. I work in IT and this looks so legitimate I provided them my info. I have since locked my card and put an alert on my credit bureau.

Did you hear anything after that?

I got call from telus legitimate number and offered 60$ pm for iphone14. I also shared some personal info but when asked for credit card I did not share. Then they asked me that provide rogers account details and they will transfer line and I shared feeling its not harmful and immediately changed my password.
Next day got call that since they cant get hold of my rogers accound they need to do it again. But i felt very suspicious and did not entertain them.
Don’t know what they wanted to do with my rogers account..