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partial charge is a scam

Helpful Neighbour
i moved my number over to telus on july 9. i thought my cycle will start that day. today i got my first bill. telus charged me $15 partial charge because my cycle starts on the 15. when i switched to telus no one told me that my cycle starts on the 15 or that i will get a partial charge from 9-14. since i didnt know any of this you will think telus will refund the 15. nope they wont. this is **bleep**ing lame

I'm not understanding your issue with the charge. Was it not pro-rated to 5/30 (approximately) of your monthly plan charge?

I was not told there will be a charge or that my cycle starts on 15 instead of 9

Hello @Koroushsensei

Unfortunately this is you're responsibility. You should have known this. All carriers do partial charges. You should have known if you're plan or rate charges before ur billing does? There will be partial charges.

Pay you're bill and next time? You can ask them to have the plan change on the say the new month starts. Lesson learned.


@Koroushsensei  Not lame..Billing cycles are accounting cycles. customers  cycles are spread out through the month to get away from having all accounts on the same day. The service was for x number of days your next bill will show the whole billing period.


You're complaining about being charged for service during the days you have service?  People seldom switch on their bill cycle date.  They are entitled to bill and be paid for their services.

Are you trying to get sympathy about when the billing date is?

I have to pay for my services, you have to pay for your services.

You've got no legitimate complaint that I can see.

How could charging you for days you have your phone service be a "scam"?


You're just wasting people's time trying to understand what went on to see if they can help you, and once we read about it, we see you are complaining about nothing.  Pay your bill.



I assumed my cycle will start on the day I came to Telus. Not 5 days after. The fact Telus employee never told me is why I’m pissed

Why do you need to have your billing cycle on a specific day?


You can have it adjusted to a specifc day if you like. I adjusted all my mobile account billing cycles to be on the same day so that I can pay them together out of convenience. 

I assumed by cycle will start the day I transferred to Telus. No of the Telus employees told it wasn’t

Hello @Koroushsensei

I'm sorry but you can ask as well. It's not just the representatives responsibility to say so.

You said " transfer" to Telus. So you have had a account with another carrier yes? If so then you know they also do partial charges when you're changing plans or doing a upgrade.

I was with same carrier for 20 years. I don’t do contracts. Always bought my phone outright so never dealt with upgrades. When I changed my plans I never saw partial charges

Hello @Koroushsensei

I doubt it. Bell / Rogers ( and little carriers) all do partial charges unless you request them to start the plan on the date your plan start each month. Some reps will do it to help you but most will ask u if u want it to start now or when ur plan starts each month.

As for the partial charges? Just pay it since YOU USED the services during the time and move on.

You used the service so you must pay. Why do you feel like u shouldn't pay for the partial charges when u used that plan before it was changed...

They didn't tell you,  I see.

If it was important to you, you should have asked.


Is this your first phone account?


It is very difficult to understand why you are upset about this.



I was with my previous carrier for 20 years. So didn’t know carriers did this

They do.

Your title is "the partial charge is a scam" not that they assigned you a billing date you didn't like.


Get your billing date changed if you want.

Nothing for you here.