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Utterly disappointed with the service that we receive from Telus

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I have 6 lines with this company


I cannot believe telus can treat people like you do.


I called on Friday to report a phone stollen from my daughter


Could not speak to anyone until today, all we kept getting was a machine that does  not understand English, O I come from the UK so maybe that’s why?


I was told that all she would have to do is go into a store and pay the account off and get a new phone


Well that did not work, two stores said you can’t do that.


So we are trying to close the account down as she was very welcomed to a new provider, better deal $65 per month with 15 GB


I finally get to speak to someone and asked me my pin number which I have had for years at this account and she dealt with it, I tried to go to my account online and go into the Device Balance to find out how much to close the account and it does not work???


I then have to call back only 10 minutes later to say I cannot get this information, I am then suddenly told this pin is not valid


Utterly disappointed with the service that we receive from Telus


I probably won’t even get a phone call back from one of your staff


I had problems with 611 so i posted on the forum and it it got resolved if ya call 611 ask for the escalation manager

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you port her number to the new carrier, her current account will be closed and a final bill sent in the same way current bills are sent. No need to do anything more.


If she does not want to keep her old number, only then will you have to close the account. Again, a final bill will be sent in the usual manner.


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I could not remember my pin from years ago. It has on Telus app a PIN change tab. A code sent to your device and give you access to change or create for a new PIN. Then call *611 to be served by entry this PIN.


I have also had trouble calling in to speak to a real human. I found that iy you agent repeatedly you will get transfer to a human. Also, if you call in right at 8:00 am or a few minutes after the call voiumes are not as high and you an get through within a few minutes. I dont think the call back feature works because I have tried it a few times and no one ever does call me back. 


Hopefully these suggestions will work if you still need to speak someone.