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Credit Reporting

Just Moved In

I have never been a Telus customer, however, Telus is reporting an account listed as 120-149 days late to Transunion.


I was a customer of PC Mobile in 2018 when they were folding into Koodo. At that time my account was transferred to Koodo. The open date on the account is July 201 and the last payment reported was in Dec 18. The account was closed when I ported my transferred PC account to a new Koodo account after I was offered a promotion designed to move customers from their grandfathered PC rate plans to current Koodo plans.


The problem is that this account is being reported to Equifax by Koodo and to Transunion by Telus, the dates are all the same so I am confident that they are reporting the same account, but there are discrepancies. Koodo is reporting no missed payments to Equifax, but Telus is reporting 120-149 days late to Transunion.


How is the same account being reported with different history? Since I've never even had a Telus account it's frustrating that they are reporting derogatory information when Koodo, who actually holds my account, reports a clean record.  



There is a form to report a dispute on Transunion's webiste. They will investigate and correct the issue. Provide as much information as possible such as former account numbers (if you have them). As well as dates