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How to link my telus home services account to my mobility account?

Just Moved In


Greetings chmoodie!


I have included the steps below:


1. Log on to

2. From the main page of Your Account, click on the Account tab.

3. From the Create a Single Login Profile section, click on Link another account to this one.

4. Enter the details for the account the customer wants to link to their profile and click Continue:


  • First and last name as they appear on the monthly statement
  • TELUS mobile phone number of the account they want to link to

Hi there,

I tried following your steps; however, they didn't work.


When I tried to sign on to my mobility account, I received this error:


Error 1.PNG


When I clicked on the "Link the ccount to your log in profile" and entered my details, I received this error:


Error 2.PNG


I tired logging into my home services account and adding my mobility, but when I entered the account number I received this error: 


Error 3.PNG


Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Thank you!


you can not link telus home services with telus mobility services to see both on same screen as you can see it now on, but telus is building a new site teh BETA SITE, so you can see both combined.. this is the site...

Community Power User
Community Power User
I am not able to link mobility and home services. They share the same login credentials, but are two separate paths. This may be because of the type of cellular account I have, but they are definitely not able to be joined as far as I know.
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