Getting started my first Telus account !

Just Moved In

Hello neighbours! 😉

I just created my account this morning. I simply transfer my phone number to Telus.


After creating my first Telus command, i downloaded the Telus app.

Then i entered my log infos. But it says there is no account with this email.

Is it because it is brand new? How long should i wait ?


I received a confirmation email. It says i have to wait 5 to 7 days.

But i didn't buy a phone. I just transfered from another company. 

Is it because Telus will send sim card ?

Can I go to buy a sim in a Telus store to go faster?


Thanks a lot! 😉👍

A My TELUS account is not the same as an account for service. You still need to add the service accounts to the online account.

The My TELUS app will have the same login as the My TELUS website. I don't think you need to wait to get access from the app. When I changed my password from the website the change was instantly seen on the app.