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I inquired about obtaining a 2014 calendar some time ago and never got a reply.

Resolved! $2 surcharge

Side rant: We don't buy the idea that Telus wants to conserve paper for altruistic reasons. If the differential cost between serving paper versus ebills is actually the surprisingly round number of $2, it would have made more sense to permanently *di...

JeffE by Just Moved In
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change to ebill and customer notifications

It's caught me before, and just caught me again. I've been a 'paperless bill' customer for quite a while. Notices of changes to service (read: rate increases) are put on the paper bill, but not the ebill. In order for me to see them, I have to choose...

JeffE by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Can't Access Mail in Outlook: "Enter Network Password" Popup box

Before I was put on hold by Telus for an hour, I was told by the previous person that they had been doing work yesterday and my problem could be due that that. I can access my Webmail, but can't receive new email in Outlook and receive continuous "En...

Raven_49 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Available News Channels

I find it unconscionable that among its choices of available news channels, Telus would offer us Al Jazeera but not Sun News Network. You'd think this was Wheretheheckistan and not Canada! How can you justify this omission?

Phantor48 by Friendly Neighbour
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email notifications of bill

I am on paperless billing and receive an email notification of my bill. I also am on pre-authorized payments. I would like the email notification to indicate that the bill is information only and doesn't need payment due to the pre-authorized payment...


It took us about one hour to manage to register for this Telus Neighbourhood Forum.The main problem was CAPCHA. We found we could not dicipher them!Our conclusion is that this security system is completely broken and should be abandoned!We also tried...

Resolved! Land Line Static

We Have Severe Weather Related Line Static Which Renders Our Land Line Unusable during wet weather.However It Is Still Possible For Someone To Leave A Clear Voicemail.Our Research Indicates That This Is Most Likely Water Ingress To The Lines Up On Po...