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My Monthly PDF invoice

I would like to have my monthly invoice sent to my e-mail address in PDF format instead being forced to log onto your website, searching for the pdf file and then being unable to download it because your website does not like my download manager. The excuse Telus gives me is that I have to jump through these hoops because they are protecting my privacy. I am sure their legal department can make up an agreement to get around any privacy concerns. If that is not enough then I can provide them with a Digital ID so that they are able to e-mail it to me with the same security as that used by banks. Before you say that cannot be done, why can you send my bill to Are they more trust worthy than sending an encrypted e-mail directly to me? I think I will be going back to getting a paper invoice. 😐


Hi , did you try using a different web browser for the invoice online?

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@SuperFredThe user is trying to use a download manager, not a standard browser.




You are still using a download manager? Didn't those die back in the early 2000's because they were not the most reliable on anything besides direct linked files or anything more complex than simple HTML?


I am not aware of any company I deal with or have dealt with that actually has automated mail outs of PDF files for billing. That includes telecommunications/tv, the banks, utilities, insurance, etc. All have always had me log in for the PDF if they even offer it as a PDF. I suspect it is more of a security precaution or at the least to cover their arses in case someone managed to hack into your email address. I severely doubt any kind of agreement you are willing to sign will change that.

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My gas and electricity utility direct mail a PDF. All other such bills come through some sort of login.


EDIT: and there's no personal information contained in my gas & hydro bills, unlike my phone, or possibly my TV bills.


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Yes, I am still using a download manager, one that I bought years ago and it works very well.  I can turn it off for Telus but that is just anorther hoop to jump through.


I see someone has already mentioned that FortisBC will send you your invoice directly to your e-mail address in PDF format.  If they can do it, so can Telus.


Also I can provide them with my didital ID so that they can encrypt anything thing they want to send to me. 


If Telus wants to save their expense of paper, ink & stamps, let them do something to earn that money.   




I did not bother giving my Firefox a try, it also uses the same download manager. 😐

I know IE 11 causes a lot of problems with some websites and forums, but this is not my complaint.  I just want Telus to e-mail my invoice.  If enough of their customers complain, write a letter to the CRTC, maybe they will just change their atitude or maybe find a better lawyer that can address their privacy concerns?


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Telus has chosen a method of paperless delivery which meets their needs for certainty of delivery (i.e. they can confirm your login). YOU however want it done solely to suit your specific wants, and are expecting Telus to create a method which would not work or be confusing to many (digital signature).  The suggestion has been made to help you retrieve you statement. I suggest you 'go through the hoops' or return to another method of notification provided by Telus, such as ePost, or paper.



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Yes I know that digital IDs will be confusing to many, just like e-mail addresses and passwords.  EPoste has the same problem as Telus.  I also don't use EPoste because that is equivalent to the mail system without using envelopes.  So I will be going back to paper and if I am charged a $2.00 monthly fee for that, I will tell Telus what they can do with that.


BTW Telus sends me e-mail notification that my invoice is ready at their website and the amount.  They also provide the total amount.  What is their privacy concerns about providing a bit more details like the totals for TV, Internet & Phone? 





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nice try saying you are going paperless

it is simply downloading costs to the consumer

you expect me to use my time and supplies to do your work

this is unacceptable

you supply a service and charge me to recieve a paper bill

this is toally unacceptable


the "enviromental" aspect you employ is shameful

your motives are transparent

bottom line is your motive

cute animal on your tv commercials is a non-starter


i will charge you:


$2.00 for supplies (ink, paper, electrical consumption and other associated costs)

less $0.64 for the stamp

$2.92 for my time (i am paid $35.00 per hour, 5minutes minimum so  . . .  $35/(1/12 of an hour = $2.92)


total = $4.27


let me know where i can send this bill

alternatively i will subtract thius amount from my monthly bill


John Padze

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Or you could simply drag the invoice to a "Bills" folder on your desktop in 2 seconds.


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