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Why is my Chrome account managed by

Just Moved In

When I use my telus email to sign in to chrome, it will not let me sync my bookmarks and other info because it says my browser is managed by This is very frustrating.



To answer the "why" question, I think you  signed chrome into your account during email migration.


You can sign Chrome out of of and  into your google account to sync to google.

Just Moved In

Has this been rectified Telus? Why do I have to have 2 profiles? I want my passwords, bookmarks, etc. saved under my but continue to get the message that I cannot sync, upload, etc. due to administrator restrictions. Why is it not possible to use these functions? Very frustrating. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Google Suite portfolio purchased by Telus is limited to the services they offered as an ISP. It is not the full Google suite of applications. I don’t expect this to change. I suggest you use your Gmail account as primary, and set your emails to be forwarded to it, or use your email application to connect to multiple email addresses.


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