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Telus salesman tricked me

Friendly Neighbour


Today Telus salesman came to our townhouse complex and knocked every door that has telus connection. I was paying 75$/month for 1gb fiber optic internet. My contract ends 3/25. Today they offered me 65$ for optic tv and Internet. I asked if there's no fees or new contract they said no. They don't show the contract just asked for consent and I gave it.

Now I checked the document and saw that they changed the contract period to 8/25 but the discount for the old contract period 3/25. So ill be paying 180 for 5 months. So they lied on my face.

I'm gonna call telus tomorrow. Wanted to check with the community first.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our clients to have. Were you able to get this sorted out after reaching out to our team?

I had a telus salesman come to my front door and tell me I was over paying for internet because I was out of contract. he showed me on his tablet my account and it was green.  I phone up and talk to customer service and complain and I was was offered internet with 1 gb download for 85 dollar, home security for 60$ and tv for 38$ dollar.  we received the tv box and and it didn't work. 45 minute call to tech and it was working.  5 hours later we said this is garbage and will not want.  they told me I would owe 15 dollars for the remaining contract term per month.  I was unhappy and wanted to speak to a manager. no manager called me back.  today I call back and 3 transferred calls and an hour of my time later we have hopefully cancelled home security and tv because their contract behaviour which I believe was not upfront. but now they want me to pay more for internet than I was paying out of contract and tell me I am in contract for 24 months.  unbelievable.  I have a call with a manger tomorrow.  I will post the outcome.  serious concerns   and we have telus mobility too.   

I should add I was paying 149 including tax for fibre. out of contract.   

133 plus tax and the agent tells me it is now 145 plus tax for 24 months.  is this legit ?  


what was outcome