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Telus rewards redemption

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I redeemed for a gift card June 30th and never received a code to redeem in my email. Previous redemptions have worked fine. A call to telus resulted in me being first transferred to tech support then security department and it was never resolved. Has anyone had issues receiving their rewards and is there a direct number for the rewards department so I don't spend an hour on the phone being transferred to the wrong department multiple times?

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Community Power User

My past experiences echo your previous experiences. 
Have you checked your spam folder?


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Similar experience here, just redeemed points for a 12-month Calm subscription and did not receive an email for it.  I tried the code that was presented on the Rewards website after redemption and got an error message that the code is invalid and that I need to contact Telus.  On the Telus support site there is no option for Rewards support.  Now what?!?

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Same!  So no one has an answer for us apparently re: Rewards support!


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Same thing happens on their web site. It bounces you around and its impossible to find where to enter the code they send you. Its like they don't want you to find it.