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Telus Points Question/Problem

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Hello, I'm trying to redeem some Telus points for an Amazon Gift Card, but when Telus calls me to provide an authorization number, my phone rings but there's no one there, no recorded message with the authorization number, nothing. Tried several times, always a dead call sent to me. Anyone have any info that can help with this?




I don't recall having to do that the last time I redeemed points for an Amazon card in April. I just went to My TELUS to redeem my points.

How are you redeeming your points?

My memory isn't as good as it use to be. There was a code sent to my phone vis SMS. You need to select your mobile number not your land line number and choose Text my number. I've never tried the Call my number.


I am having the same problem. I have redeemed before but now nothing. I don't think I needed a code before. Have tried several time over the past week. I don't use a mobile phone so if it has to be a mobile phone that's new.


I am having the same issues. I have received codes before from telus but I have tried several time the past week to redeem points for amazon gift card and same thing every time. I don't think I have had to have a code for them in the past.


Just Moved In

I have also tried to receive a verification code to redeem points over the phone and I receive a call, but hear nothing over the phone. 

sounds like its time to do an online chat with telus.

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What does a person do if they have neither, so neither option works? Email should be an option for a redemption code. Some sites have that option. Eg Shop Pay. 

(this is a temporary situation)