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Sketchy door to door service check

Just Moved In
Tonight around 7:20pm, two men wearing Telus jackets and carrying a tablet came to my door in Calgary, AB, claiming to be Telus agents checking in on existing customers. They started to ask about my services, seemingly confirming which ones I had but they did not actually know what services were under our account, listing services we did not have. I told them I wasn’t comfortable telling strangers at my door details about my services and account that they would know if they were really Telus employees and they told me that I was “entitled to my own opinion”. They then proceeded to ask me more questions about my account, including if the services were in my name, but they didn’t know my name either. I pushed back again and they left, but it was extremely strange and felt like a phishing scam seeing as Telus already has my information and can contact me by phone or email. If these were truly Telus reps, Telus needs to know that this made me feel very unsafe and there are better tactics to engage customers.

Just Moved In
I’ll add that these folks never provided any kind of ID to show that they are affiliated with Telus.

In my opinion showing ID is pointless. Would the average person know the difference between a fake TELUS ID and a real one? Same goes for any other company's ID. I have no idea what a real Shaw ID or Enmax ID looks like.

Sounds like you did the right thing. I never give any information to cold calls at the door.
If they really did say that you were "entitled to your own opinion" that would have been the queue to just close the door without the need for any further pleasantries.

Community Manager
Community Manager

This definitely sounds suspect, and while of course all legitimate TELUS employees have visible ID and/or can produce it to show you on is true that there have been cases of fraudulent home visits. I'll send you a private message to discuss, thanks.

Just Moved In
This JUST happened to me. It was dark and 8:15pm. I felt very sketchy and uncomfortable. Its was a female and male. The female standing front. Asking for info about my account and when I said I’ll call if I change my mind the guy started aggressively coming closer to my door. I felt very scared so I once more politely declined and shut and locked my door.

I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks!