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Site will not “fetch” information

Just Moved In

I am trying to CHANGE my internet package through my account online.  I get through to My Plan, and select MANAGE or CHANGE and the site gets hung up and “fetching” spins forever on my iPad.  I have also tried to do same through my computer on Internet Explorer and no information comes up.  CDDC9EB6-297C-4DF6-A633-7EC556BBA84D.jpeg


Why am I not able to manage my account, making changes, online????


Community Power User
Community Power User

I had similar issues and ended up having to talk to Telus to rectify this. In my case being a long time Telus customer they needed to make some change related to my account/plan. Once this was done I was able to access and make changes on my own.


If the problem persists you will likely need to call Telus to have them make the changes.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.